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Repeat Boutique

Get money for those extra clothes you never wear.
Free up your closet space by bringing us your clothes you don’t wear anymore. No matter if your clothes are in style now or were 30 years ago, we sell all kinds of clothing from contemporary to vintage. Just make sure all clothing items are in good condition and clean.

Stand out from the crowd.
If you like to make a statement, you’ll love our unique and funky clothing items. You’ll never know what you’ll find looking through other peoples’ closets.

Unique jewelry for affordable prices.
Browse our large selection of fine jewelry including estate jewelry and costume jewelry. You’ll feel like you’re rifling through your grandmother’s jewelry box with all of our unique finds.

Need some extra cash?
Who doesn’t?! We carefully hand-select each item that we choose to sell in the 90-day consignment period since we know from experience what will sell quickly. You’ll receive 40% cash back for whatever we sell your item for, guaranteed.

Clothing and accessories from the past and present for consignment:

  • Contemporary clothing
  • Vintage clothing
  • Designer clothing
  • Fine jewelry
  • Estate jewelry
  • Costume jewelry

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Repeat Boutique"

Call 970-493-1039 for our seasonal specials and more information regarding all of our consignment clothing and accessories.

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